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x86 optimizer/auto-parallelizer

Dalsoft x86 optimize/auto-parallelizer ( dco ) is used to optimize and auto-parallelize code generated by a compiler. The programmer uses a compiler (C/C++, FORTRAN etc.) to translate his code into x86 assembly code. This code is used as an input to dco. The output, generated by dco, is a highly optimized/parallelized x86 assembly code that is logically identical to the original; dco rearranges the existing code, utilizing options and features that are supported by the x86 architecture. To create a final object file the generated code should be assembled.

Note that dco does not require preprocessing or any other involvement from the user. It is fully automated and it is possible to incorporate dco into makefiles or other product generation tools. Note also that use of dco doesn't require coding in x86 assembly language – it is possible to optimize arbitrary code that is coded in any high level language supported by the compiler (C, Fortran etc.).

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high precision calculations

Dalsoft High Precision - dhp - library allows to perform floating point calculations with an unlimited ( arbitrary ) precision.
Adapting C++ code to utilize dhp is straightforward and requires very minor modifications to the original code.

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gcc for StarCore

 retarget for the StarCore DSP. Visit this for the description and download.

development environment

Dalsoft Development Environment ( referred as dde ) offers an extensive display editor featuring true multi-windowing. dde doesn't just split the screen vertically or horizontally. Rather, it enables the creation of any number of any sized, overlapping windows, which can be located in any position on or outside of the screen. In addition, dde has a command set and general approach derived from the EMACS editor. dde has a fully configurable keyboard and its extensive command set allows editing of any number of files, supports very powerful macros, provides incremental and regular-expression search, offers a full and complete undo facility and much more. dde also includes a general purpose word processor/outliner and an interactive tree-presentation utility.

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